234 stars may be sending signals from aliens, say scientists

Not saying it’s aliens … but it’s aliens.

Was an ‘alien missile’ captured in Apollo 11 mission photo?

SPOILER: Probably not.

Top 13 Haunted House Attractions for 2016 (USA edition)

If you’re looking for a haunted house to visit this Hallowe’en season, you’ll be glad to hear that Hauntedhouses.com has just released its list of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America for 2016.

UFO spotted by NPAS St Athan

NPAS (National Police Air Service) St Athan (South Wales) reported a strange sighting in the sky over the Bristol Channel at 9.30pm on 17th September…

The Field

A reader tells the story of a village in the Scottish Highlands where the villagers were terrorised by a strange vision in a field.

Camping Trip

A reader shares her story of a camping trip with her boyfriend, which ended in a very unexpected way.

Swap your Pokeballs for augmented reality TERROR

Night Terrors is new mobile app which promises to bring horror straight into your living room using augmented reality technology.

Is this the ghost of the Regent Picture House?

Paranormal investigation/tour group Ghost Followers believe they captured a full body apparition on camera during a recent event at The Regent Picture House in Blackpool, UK.

Airbnb ghost caught on camera?

British comedian Jason Manford thinks his family got more than they bargained for when staying in an Airbnb rental recently.

Psychic sends same ‘letter from heaven’ to dozens of grieving families

Here are Hidden Influences we like to keep an open mind about psychic abilities, but a story recently reported in the Daily Record serves as a reminder that both skeptics AND believers shouldn’t accept everything at face value.