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Consciousness Exists After Death?

A study of over 2,000 people has shown that consciousness exists after death. A University of Southampton (UK) study shows that we continue to experience thoughts up to three minutes after being pronounced dead. Close to 40% of patients studied reported a level of awareness after being pronounced clinically dead. Lead researcher Dr Sam Parnia […]

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The Marconi Murders Conspiracy

During the 1980s, a total of 22 British scientists and computer engineers died in mysterious circumstances. A common factor linked all 22: they had all worked with Marconi Electronic Systems and related companies on top secret defence projects. It began with Professor Keith Bowden, an employee or Marconi, who died in March 1982 in a […]

234 stars may be sending signals from aliens, say scientists

Two scientists from Laval University in Quebec believe they have found signals consistent with extra terrestrial messages in 234 stars, out of 2.5 million stars observed. Ermanno F. Borra and Eric Trottier discovered that the tiny set of stars were behaving strangely. The fact that so few of the stars examined are standing out has […]

Was an ‘alien missile’ captured in Apollo 11 mission photo?

SPOILER: Probably not. YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible recently picked up on a strange anomaly in one of the photos from the Apollo 11 mission.  The photo contains what appears to be a missile – alien or otherwise – travelling across the moon. You can view the original image for yourself here.  It’s very large, so you’ll need to […]

Top 13 Haunted House Attractions for 2016 (USA edition)

If you’re looking for a haunted house to visit this Hallowe’en season, you’ll be glad to hear that has just released its list of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America for 2016. The haunted houses and attractions on this year’s list are the most unique, entertaining and terrifying, haunted attractions in the country. “Every year […]

Swap your Pokeballs for augmented reality TERROR

Night Terrors is new mobile app which promises to bring horror straight into your living room using augmented reality technology. Their original Kickstarter in March 2015 described it as: “A photorealistic, ultra immersive gaming experience that transforms your home into a terrifying, unfamiliar hellscape. Night Terrors is a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, augmented reality survival horror game for mobile […]

Is this the ghost of the Regent Picture House?

Paranormal investigation/tour group Ghost Followers believe they captured a full body apparition on camera during a recent event at The Regent Picture House in Blackpool, UK. During a five-hour investigation, which included methods such as monitoring electromagnetic field detectors, running ouija board sessions etc, a photograph was taken which later revealed a ghostly figure standing near the […]

Airbnb ghost caught on camera?

British comedian Jason Manford thinks his family got more than they bargained for when staying in an Airbnb rental recently. Writing on his Facebook page, Jason shared the details: So staying in an airbnb house for a few days with my family who are all convinced is creepy and possibly haunted! I obviously say nonsense and shrug […]