Electro-Phasmological Distortion Monitor, anyone?

A tongue-in-cheek exchange with @paranormalteam on Twitter about a [fake] ghost detector machine we’re going to bring to market (named either “Electro-Phasmological Distortion Monitor” to sound suitably technical and scientific … or Creative Readings for Anomalous Phenomena. – C.R.A.P for short!), got me thinking about ghost-detecting equipment that’s ACTUALLY on the market. This is my favourite find […]

Send me your ghostly photos, EVPs etc.!

I’d like to create a HUGE searchable, interactive database of seemingly paranormal photos, EVP recordings etc. – from ghostly figures to orbs, and everything in between! To contribute, the media (photo, audio recording etc.) must be your own and by sending it to me you are granting permission for it to be displayed on HiddenInfluences.com. UPDATED 23 March 09 […]

Czech Republic UFO sighting

“…Pavel Beran was returning home from a night out with his wife when he saw the UFOs on 14 February. ‘We saw two lights and then another two, one emitting a bright orange light, the objects then shot away into the distance in a westward direction. It all lasted about a minute’….” http://www.allnewsweb.com/page6616617.php

Watching ‘ghost’ videos on YouTube etc.

I love watching videos of supposed ghosts, EVPs etc. on the internet but I’m MASSIVELY sceptical …. and this one is a reminder of WHY I’m so sceptical! Supposed poltergeist activity video on Para-Tube.com. The above video is labelled as a ‘University Research Video’.  In reality, it’ s a clip from Ghostwatch, a BBC “mockumentary” […]