Colour Therapy interactive tool added

I’ve added a colour therapy interactive tool to the Hidden Influences Interactive section. This tool allows you to choose three colours then analyses your response to tell you what this says about your personality, current challenges and energies coming in which can help you with challenges. Enjoy! Interactive colour therapy test online.

Interactive dream interpretation tool

I’m creating a new area of the site dedicated to a range of applications I’ve developed which have paranormal or occult relevance. First up is an interactive dream analysis / interpretation tool. These apps are very much still in BETA mode, so expect bugs (and please report the bugs to me at

Paranormal Evidence Archive has changed!

I’ve updated the Paranormal Evidence Archive to become the Paranormal Evidence Wiki, so it’s now a community project that can be edited by its users. Anyone can browse the site and you can become a registered user in order to edit and create pages. As well as being a showcase of paranormal evidence, I’ve also […]