Psychic house hunting!

I was watching Location Location Location last night on Channel 4 and was intrigued to see that one of the couples used information obtained through pendulums and dowsing rods in order to choose their new home.  They’d asked a friend to use a pendulum in order to choose their area then, after Phil and Kirstie […]

More UFO files released on National Archives

More UFO files have been released on the National Archives website and can be downloaded at no cost from  The files will remain free to download for a limited time, after which they will continue to be available for a small fee.

Two similar UFO sightings in England, UK

Two very similar UFO sightings have been reported in the UK.  The first, in Colne, was described as an “orange light” with no noise and was witnessed on Saturday 8th August.  You can watch a video and read eye witness comments here. The second sighting was over Ipswitch and was also described as an “orange […]

More psychic testing online: PK

I’ve put an online test of PK on the interactive section of the website.  Since it’s a PK test (using your mind to influence matter), the actual testing takes place offline but you can record your results on the website.  When we have a few users taking part I’ll put up some average scores, best […]

Guest article: Paranormal Plus – The Nicholson House

By Deborah LeBlanc, Author of Water Witch Some time ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Nicholson House, which is located in Washington, Louisiana and was built in the mid-eighteen hundreds. The first clue that made me suspect the house might be a hot spot (a location with real paranormal activity), came the moment […]

Telepathy, psychic healing, talking to the dead to be taught in schools

I’ve just been reaching an article detailing that “anomalistic psychology” is to be taught to A-Level Students in England as an option on the A2 Psychology course.  The option will include teachings about telepathy, psychokinesis, psychic healing, near-death experiences and talking to the dead. Anomalistic psychology is defined by the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at […]

The Haunting in Connecticut

I watched The Haunting In Connecticut last night and have to say I wasn’t terribly impressed!  I always take reviews – particularly negative reviews – with a pinch of salt so I can watch a movie with an open mind, but it would appear they were correct this time.  Overuse of sudden loud noises purely […]

Guest article: Paranormal Plus by Deborah LeBlanc

Paranormal Plus By Deborah LeBlanc, Author of Water Witch When I started delving into paranormal investigation years ago, my adventures were done alone and with little more than a disposable camera, compass, flashlight, and a set of brass balls. Over time, I collected more sophisticated tools of the trade, like an EMF detector, infrared cameras, […]