Tin foil hats at the ready as scientists discover our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields

Scientists have always believed that brain waves travel across the brain using methods such as synaptic transmission, however researchers in the USA have discovered that our brain waves can also be transmitted using electrical fields. During their experiments, the researchers determined that low amplitude electrical fields could allow signals to travel across the brain at a rate of roughly 10cm […]

New ghost investigation game arrives on Kickstarter and Greenlight

A very promising new horror game launched its Kickstarter campaign on 21st January with the developers, Czech Republic-based Dreadlocks Ltd, aiming to raise £100,000 to complete its full launch. Ghost Theory invites you to play the role of a clairvoyant paranormal investigator, exploring a variety of locations using research gadgets such as EVP recorders and pendulums.  Unlike many horror games […]

Number 58 spotted on surface of Moon AND Mars

Eagle-eyed UFO hunters have spotted an interesting landmark on both the Moon and Mars surfaces: the number 58. UFO Sightings Daily confirmed the Mars co-ordinates as 1°29’8.27″N 23° 0’11.92″W. I have also spotted the lunar 58 on Google Earth at co-ordinates 43°01’55.50″S 9°45’55.26″W. You can view both locations for yourself using Google Earth. Number 58 on lunar surface Number 58 on Mars […]