Number 58 spotted on surface of Moon AND Mars

Eagle-eyed UFO hunters have spotted an interesting landmark on both the Moon and Mars surfaces: the number 58.

UFO Sightings Daily confirmed the Mars co-ordinates as 1°29’8.27″N 23° 0’11.92″W.

I have also spotted the lunar 58 on Google Earth at co-ordinates 43°01’55.50″S 9°45’55.26″W.

You can view both locations for yourself using Google Earth.

Number 58 on lunar surface

Number 58 on Mars surface

Possible explanations include pareidolia (when the mind sees a pattern that doesn’t actually exist) or a leftover guide/remark from the stitching process used to turn all the large images into the Google Earth map.

Or … it could be aliens! But what are the chances that they’d use the same number system we do? And why would they write the number 58 specifically – what could it mean?

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