New ghost investigation game arrives on Kickstarter and Greenlight

A very promising new horror game launched its Kickstarter campaign on 21st January with the developers, Czech Republic-based Dreadlocks Ltd, aiming to raise £100,000 to complete its full launch.

Ghost Theory invites you to play the role of a clairvoyant paranormal investigator, exploring a variety of locations using research gadgets such as EVP recorders and pendulums.  Unlike many horror games on the market, this one doesn’t have you fighting and hiding from serial killers – rather, the ghosts will be more of an invisible threat that’s always hanging over you.

A number of real-life locations and backstories will being used alongside live actors, to produce a much more realistic and believable experience.  To top it all off, Ghost Theory is created with VR very much in mind – although it will still be fully playable on a regular 2D monitor.

If this sounds like your kind of game, the Kickstarter campaign runs for another 28 days, with tiers including a copy of the game starting from £14.  You can also vote for the game on Steam Greenlight, where the developers hope to launch on Early Access around May this year.

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