Tin foil hats at the ready as scientists discover our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields

Scientists have always believed that brain waves travel across the brain using methods such as synaptic transmission, however researchers in the USA have discovered that our brain waves can also be transmitted using electrical fields.

During their experiments, the researchers determined that low amplitude electrical fields could allow signals to travel across the brain at a rate of roughly 10cm per second.  Interestingly, when testing the finding with the brains of mice, the researchers applied a blocking field and noted that the speed of transmission slowed.

While the research aims to use these findings in practical applications such as seizure management, could it also mean that the tin foil hatters were right all along?  Could our thoughts be controlled by electrical fields?  Or perhaps it’s simply time to consider whether the constant electrical activity around us (mobile phones, Wifi etc.) could be interfering with the performance of our brains.

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