Is this the ghost of the Regent Picture House?

Paranormal investigation/tour group Ghost Followers believe they captured a full body apparition on camera during a recent event at The Regent Picture House in Blackpool, UK.

During a five-hour investigation, which included methods such as monitoring electromagnetic field detectors, running ouija board sessions etc, a photograph was taken which later revealed a ghostly figure standing near the rail of the theatre.  The photograph was taken in a dark room without a flash, so the figure was only revealed after manually lightening the image afterwards.  The group are adamant that nobody else was present in the room at the time the photograph was taken, but did report that a “very dark spirit” had been detected during their investigation.

You can read more of their story on the Blackpool Gazette website.  If you’d like to join Ghost Followers on a future event, details can be found on their website.

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