234 stars may be sending signals from aliens, say scientists

Two scientists from Laval University in Quebec believe they have found signals consistent with extra terrestrial messages in 234 stars, out of 2.5 million stars observed.

Ermanno F. Borra and Eric Trottier discovered that the tiny set of stars were behaving strangely. The fact that so few of the stars examined are standing out has allowed the scientists to rule out instrument or data analysis effects. As there is no obvious explanation for the signals that has not been ruled out, the scientists have been left to conclude that the messages are being transmitted by aliens who are trying to let us know they are out there. Having said that, they also stress that more work needs to be done to confirm to deny their theory – including watching for the same signals on different equipment.

SETI Institute has said that they will observe some of the stars using their equipment and “look forward to consulting” with the two scientists.

Read the pre-print paper here.

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