Is this the ghost of the Regent Picture House?

Paranormal investigation/tour group Ghost Followers believe they captured a full body apparition on camera during a recent event at The Regent Picture House in Blackpool, UK. During a five-hour investigation, which included methods such as monitoring electromagnetic field detectors, running ouija board sessions etc, a photograph was taken which later revealed a ghostly figure standing near the […]

Airbnb ghost caught on camera?

British comedian Jason Manford thinks his family got more than they bargained for when staying in an Airbnb rental recently. Writing on his Facebook page, Jason shared the details: So staying in an airbnb house for a few days with my family who are all convinced is creepy and possibly haunted! I obviously say nonsense and shrug […]

Psychic sends same ‘letter from heaven’ to dozens of grieving families

Here at Hidden Influences we like to keep an open mind about psychic abilities, but a story recently reported in the Daily Record serves as a reminder that both skeptics AND believers shouldn’t accept everything at face value. Karen Brannigan told the Daily Record that she had paid £38 for well known psychic medium Lillyanne to contact her […]

UK’s most haunted house for sale

The owner of the UK’s most haunted house has put it up for sale, after being tormented by what she believes is the ghost of a demonic ghost. The house, known as The Cage in St Osyth, Essex, was formerly a medieval prison and has been visited by paranormal investigation groups on several occasions. The owner Vanessa Mitchell, […]

Tin foil hats at the ready as scientists discover our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields

Scientists have always believed that brain waves travel across the brain using methods such as synaptic transmission, however researchers in the USA have discovered that our brain waves can also be transmitted using electrical fields. During their experiments, the researchers determined that low amplitude electrical fields could allow signals to travel across the brain at a rate of roughly 10cm […]

Real ghost footage?

Oh, I sooooo want to believe with this one!  The guy is a regular poster of art-related videos on YouTube.  This time, when recording his video, some ghostly activity happens right behind him.  Initially I wasn’t entirely convinced by his reaction, but then I thought about what I would do if it happened to me […]

Creepy haunted dolls, anyone?

This came up on my Twitter feed today – Doll House Cam! From their website: “Set in a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania amongst the mountains and streams is a little known secret. Seven dolls that once were loved by little girls now adorn the home of a family of five. They don’t just sit on […]

Halloween Psychic Challenge at Goldsmiths

I’ve just been reading this article (link will open in a new window) on BBC news about a psychic challenge at Goldsmiths, University of London. The gist of the test was that five volunteers sat hidden behind a screen, while two psychic mediums each had to write down one unique thing about each volunteer.  The volunteers then […]