Tin foil hats at the ready as scientists discover our brain waves can be sent by electrical fields

Scientists have always believed that brain waves travel across the brain using methods such as synaptic transmission, however researchers in the USA have discovered that our brain waves can also be transmitted using electrical fields. During their experiments, the researchers determined that low amplitude electrical fields could allow signals to travel across the brain at a rate of roughly 10cm […]

Halloween Psychic Challenge at Goldsmiths

I’ve just been reading this article (link will open in a new window) on BBC news about a psychic challenge at Goldsmiths, University of London. The gist of the test was that five volunteers sat hidden behind a screen, while two psychic mediums each had to write down one unique thing about each volunteer.  The volunteers then […]

More psychic testing online: PK

I’ve put an online test of PK on the interactive section of the website.  Since it’s a PK test (using your mind to influence matter), the actual testing takes place offline but you can record your results on the website.  When we have a few users taking part I’ll put up some average scores, best […]

Woman claims she can make people urinate themselves with the power of her mind

I’ve just been writing this article on Hubpages about the James Randi $1million challenge and now I’m having a look through past applications on the JREF website and came across this one.  The applicant claims she can make people urinate themselves using only the power of her mind, so the preliminary test was set up […]

European Journal of Parapsychology has arrived – woohoo!

The LONG overdue Vol 24.1 of the European Journal of Parapsychology has finally arrived! Lots of interesting papers to read by the looks of it, from dream precognition to professional medium testing. I’ll write up my highlights as soon as I’ve had the chance to get through it 🙂

Electro-Phasmological Distortion Monitor, anyone?

A tongue-in-cheek exchange with @paranormalteam on Twitter about a [fake] ghost detector machine we’re going to bring to market (named either “Electro-Phasmological Distortion Monitor” to sound suitably technical and scientific … or Creative Readings for Anomalous Phenomena. – C.R.A.P for short!), got me thinking about ghost-detecting equipment that’s ACTUALLY on the market. This is my favourite find […]

Send me your ghostly photos, EVPs etc.!

I’d like to create a HUGE searchable, interactive database of seemingly paranormal photos, EVP recordings etc. – from ghostly figures to orbs, and everything in between! To contribute, the media (photo, audio recording etc.) must be your own and by sending it to me you are granting permission for it to be displayed on HiddenInfluences.com. UPDATED 23 March 09 […]

Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles

Found this on Wikipedia: “On several occasions the former “Spiritualist medium” Derek Acorah was supposedly possessed by an entity, sometimes evil or sometimes “lost and confused”. Two such cases exposed Acorah. Before the filming, Acorah had been fed disinformation twice about the non-existent ghosts of Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles by the show parapsychologist Dr. […]